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Trading Standards Investigations

Examples of our notable cases involving Trading Standards offences include:


Trading Standards Offences


Neil Stansfield, the director of ONE (Organic, Natural and Ethical) Food Ltd was jailed for 27 months and disqualified from being a company director for instigating an organic food fraud and being responsible for ripping off both consumers and major organic food retailers such as Abel and Cole and Fortnum and Mason. Northamptonshire Trading Standards also successfully prosecuted Neil Stansfield’s wife who was the company secretary and the company’s operations manager for fraudulent trading and both received suspended custodial sentences and ordered to do 150 hours of unpaid work.


Griffin Forensics assisted with this complex investigation by providing evidence of web based sales, identifying non-organic suppliers, identifying faked invoices from organic suppliers and uncovering the transfer of non-organic meat supplies to ‘game’ codes and as ‘non-stock’ items in order to try and evade the scrutiny of the local authorities and organic certifying bodies .


Further Information


If we can assist with the investigation of computer media involved in Trading Standards investigations please call 01280 707190 or eMail info@griffinforensics.com.