A image of sat nav or satellite navigation system.
A image of a pda.
Portable Satellite Navigation System Forensics

Satellite navigation systems, also known as Sat Nav (Sat-Nav, SatNav) or GPS are used every day to provide drivers of all types of vehicles with accurate directions to predetermined destinations. Sat Nav forensics can identify a whole range of useful information, including a person's home or business address, details of locations visited, times and dates of journeys and details of contacts.


This information can be used as evidence in criminal or civil legal proceedings. Examination of these systems for court is known as Sat Nav Forensics or Sat Nav Analysis.

Our experts have the ability to forensically examine the internal memory of a satellite navigation device and also any removable memory cards that may be present.

Sat Nav Manufacturers

The most common satellite navigation systems are TomTom, Navman, Garmin and Road Angel.


Built-In Satellite Navigation Systems


We do not conduct the forensic examination of built in sat navs.


PDAs can also be used as a satellite navigation system, using navigation software and a GPS receiver; these too can contain a wealth of useful information.

Further Information

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