A image of a computer hard drive with a emergency vehicle
A image of a computer hard drive.
Political Corruption and Immigaration investigations

Examples of our notable investigations into political corruption and immigration offences include:


Political Corruption


Our computer expert provided computer evidence for Westminster City Council in their efforts to recover the £36m surcharge imposed on Dame Shirley Porter for her role in the ‘homes for votes’ scandal in the 1980's. The evidence assisted Stephenson Harwood Solicitors with tracking Dame Porter’s assets when a £12m mediated agreement was reached. Media coverage of this matter includes: The Register and the BBC websites.


Facilitation of Illegal Immigrants


Miss P was accused of facilitating the transportation of illegal immigrants into the United States. Our computer expert was instructed to report on the computer generated evidence which, on the face of it, was quite compelling. Our request to the prosecution for further supporting evidence however identified a number of serious anomalies which helped ensure her acquittal.


Further Information


If we can assist with the investigation of computer media involved in political corruption or immigration offences please call 01280 707190 or eMail info@griffinforensics.com.