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Murder and Terrorism Investigations

Examples of our notable cases include murder and terrorism include:


Murder - Gary Weddell was a police inspector who was accused of the murder of his wife, Sandra and mother-in-law, Traute Maxfield. Our computer expert identified that a Microsoft Word document had been created, printed but not saved on the family computer shortly before Sandra’s death; this was significant to the investigation. For more information on the Garry Weddell case visit the BBC website.


Terrorism - Omar Altimimi was convicted at Manchester Crown Court of six charges of possession of material for a purpose connected with terrorism and money laundering; we were instructed to examine the computer media on behalf of the defence. The case is believed to be the first trial in Manchester which involves allegations of conduct linked to "Middle Eastern" terrorism. For more information on this case; visit Manchester Evening News.


Murder - Levi Bellfield was known in the press as the bus stop stalker; he was found guilty of the murder of Marsha McDonnell and Amelie Delagrange. Our computer expert was instructed by the defence to look at the computer and mobile phone for evidence of a potential alibi. This case attracted considerable media coverage including: Sky News and The Telegraph.


Terrorism - Our computer expert was instructed by the prosecution to examine the emails between the conspirators when Dhiren Barot was sentenced to "at least 40 years" for conspiracy to murder. More information on Dhiren Barot can be found on Wikipedia.


Murder - Four teenagers were found guilty of the murder of Stephen Green, a cyclist from Luton who was attacked as he returned home from work late one evening; our computer experts were instructed by the prosecution to examine the computers and CCTV systems. Further information can be found on the Luton Today website.


Further Information


If we can assist with the investigation of computer media involved in a murder or terrorism matter please call 01280 707190 or eMail info@griffinforensics.com