A image of a computer hard drive which has been damaged by water.
A image of a computer hard drive.
Hard Disk Data Recovery

Hard disk drives are the most common type of data storage medium, used by home users and businesses alike.  They are relatively cheap, they are easy to buy of and come in lots of different capacities depending on your storage needs.  In the data recovery world however, there are only two types; a hard disk drive that has failed and one that is going to fail!  Of course, not every user will suffer a significant data loss but it is still a good idea to regularly back up your important data.

We see lots of different types of failures, from user error (accidentally deleting data) to software corruption or even physical damage.  Hard disk drives contain moving components which are susceptible to failure, but these can be replaced (using donor parts) therefore increasing the chances of a successful data recovery.  We are able to replace failed electronic components, read/write head assemblies and failed motor bearings to name just a few.  We have a lot of experience rebuilding failed RAID arrays and have successfully recovered data from flood and water damaged hard disk drives, those that have been subject to (sometimes deliberate) physical damage and smoke damaged hard disk drives.