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We are jargon free
We understand that many of our customers may find technical jargon both intimidating and confusing and we therefore aim, as far as possible, to provide a jargon free service.

This applies equally to our digital investigation's reports and to our data recovery reports.
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Core services
Our core services are digital investigations and data recovery. Griffin’s expertise includes computer forensics, mobile phone analysis, CCTV analysis and forensic data recoveries.

Our data recovery experts can recover data from hard disk drives (including RAIDS), tapes, CDs and DVDs and USB Thumb (or Flash) Drives.
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Our clients

Our digital investigations clients include solicitors, law enforcement agencies (including Police Forces and Trading Standards) and home users.


We can take instruction directly from clients if required and we are also pleased to take instruction in LSC funded cases. Our data recovery service caters for home users, SMEs and large corporates.

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